Spaceboy & Robot are now in PDF

If you were looking at Elsa thinking “cute, but I’d like to make something for my little guy” then you are in luck. One of my first sewing patterns, Spaceboy & Robot, from toys I’d designed for my son Oscar, is now available in PDF in the shop. Just $5 for the instant download. 

6 thoughts on “Spaceboy & Robot are now in PDF

  1. kari says:

    Just bought the pattern and I’m excited to make these! I also just wanted to say that the Elsa pattern can be easily made into a boy doll, I’ve done it several times and they are my son’s favorite things. Just some pants, short yearn hair, a cape and you’ve got a super hero. 🙂

  2. jill says:

    oh, I love this pattern – I have made about 6 robots, and have 3 more planned for Christmas this year (my daughter, who never touches her Louise doll that I slaved away on last Christmas, wants a robot instead, like her brothers have. And once she has one, the toddler will want one to, and their cousin . . .). They are so fun to make, Hilary!

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