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I love journaling right on the photos in my Project Life pages. I have to because I'm terrible at editing photos and want to cram in as many as I can. Sometimes though it bugs me how sloppy my journaling looks so I decided I needed little borders to keep the writing tidy. I'm still looking for the perfect stamp set that has just little bordered boxes and tabs (if you have any recommendations I'd love them!) so in the meantime I cut this one myself with some leftover mastercarve. 



5 thoughts on “my project life

  1. jill says:

    I have to tell you, that my kids saw the top of this post, and they loved the elf doll and asked, “What does she have for boys?” so we went to your shop and I showed them the spaceboy and robot pattern(we already have a spaceboy and 2 robots that I have made), and it lead to this whole awesome afternoon of my two older boys (age 9 and 6 1/2 hand sewing felt bits onto some of their random home made dolls (not the WW ones) and my daughter (4) pulling out all the WW toys I have made her (a Louise doll and a kitty) plus the robots for a big long play. Plus my boys have decided to make their own spaceboys (with my help) over Christmas break! Thanks again for all your awesome patterns, Hillary.

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