I have no bookmarks

But oh my, if it isn’t a brand new world. A new laptop world! I can use my email. I can open my website in my browser without flashing warnings.. not supported! turn back! this isn’t working! 

Can’t decide what to do first! Maybe twitterblogpin some things. I’m off to look for Halloween party craft supplies. Perhaps I’ll even blog them. Like the good old days!

Here are my latest Halloween pins. I’m really trying to keep my enthusiasm up for this holiday. I have no problems with witchy/spooky but I find I am really turning into an old lady when it comes to gory/terrifying. Flaps of rotting flesh do not equal good old fun to me. I need to stop watching Walking Dead.

ugh, is this how embedded pins look now? I hate it. So much for sharing my pinterest here.

3 thoughts on “I have no bookmarks

  1. Dawn says:

    Congrats on the new laptop! But I know how hard it is to “start over.” I’ve done that a couple times–a couple years ago when it happened, I started using Google Bookmarks to keep track of bookmarks instead of having them on my computer, and then Pinterest came along so now I use both (I use Pinterest more for bookmarking crafts). I suggest a 3rd party bookmark if you find one you like…It saved my butt when I lost my laptop this Sept (and by “lost” I mean dead as a doornail, kaptuz, the thing is fried).

  2. Colleen says:

    Yeah you! I use Chrome and all my bookmarks are saved in the ‘cloud’ I can log into chrome from any computer and there they are! I can also set my tabs so when I log in my fav sites open automatically-bloglovin, flickr, etsy, mail, my blog, Pioneer woman, facebook, pinterest, twitter, and instagram. It also saves passwords so theres no always loggin in. Im lazy like that. I even created a separate account for work.

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