fairy doll with yarn ball buns

To make fairy buns: You need to wind two little balls of yarn for the buns. About 2″ diameter. I start by winding a few loops around my finger one way, then back across the middle the other way until I’ve got a nugget started to work with. Then just wind and wind, evenly around until you have a fat happy round yarn ball. Mine are pretty dense when I’m done. I suggest you keep the tension more tight than loose. When you sew bun to head you don’t want it to unravel.

Cut off the yarn with a nice long tail, 20″ or so. And to “tie off” the ball I loop around the base of the last few rotations of yarn a few times with my needle and pull tight. Then to anchor the opposite side of the ball/bun I push the needle through center and out other side. Then I catch a few strands on other side and come back through. What you’re trying to do is just anchor what you can to prevent unraveling. You can do this as much as you think necessary.

Tack to head with stitches until it feels secure. I start at the base and then move out in a wider circle pressing the bun down flatter against the head. That way a wider surface is attached to the head – more secure.

Looks like this when I’m done. Tonight I’ll sew the other bun on and the arms and we’ll get moving on finishing her up!

5 thoughts on “fairy doll with yarn ball buns

  1. Kayleigh says:

    I love making your dolls but I can never quite understand how to do the hair. Maybe I’m just too impatient to read the directions carefully at the point, but this picture helps a lot! Thanks!

  2. Beth says:

    This is beautifully done! Thank you for the detailed pictures, it makes it easy to understand. What a labor of love this seems to be!

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