fairy buns

Hey thanks for all the nice comments guys! made my day. This fairy was sort of a flop so I'm glad she was able to get some love. Here's her back, the wings are just sewn right onto her dress. And her antennaes yes are made of pom pom trim.. they're cute but don't really hold their shape. The pattern I used for her is the same I've been using for everyone lately, same as the Land of Nod dolls, my Elsa/Elise pattern. I was thinking that I might reimagine and reissue that pattern, with hair instructions and an outfit or two. 

I would like to have a giveaway for this Fairy girl but I feel like she's not quite finished enough. How about I make another one — and I can post in progress photos for those of you who want to try one on your own — and then I'll give her away. Gives me a chance to find something more sturdy for her antennae and to work on some really cute shoes. 

14 thoughts on “fairy buns

  1. Barbara says:

    She’s very cute. I want instructions on how to make one! You have several dolls that I would like hair instructions for.

  2. Fabi says:

    She is just adorable!!!!You are an amazing doll artist ….the fairy wings are lovely with a great style, beautiful colors!..I think these dolls makes children use their imaginations which is an essential part of the learning process of a growing child.

  3. Shine says:

    She looks perfect enough for me! Her hair is so cute that I could faint! A step by step picture tutorial would be so awesome, I have been wanting to make a doll as long as I since could remember. 🙂

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