11 weeks done

PL! I'm all caught up since my official start date, first week of Summer break. I also did a separate page for Oscar's baseball season, the fourth of July, trip to the lake and then started back at beginning of 2013 with first week of January. Supplies keep pouring in and I'm so hooked and sooo happy to have a fun crafty project that the whole family is enjoying. I may be unable to convince them to get worked up over some nice Fall yarn but everyone is happy to play along with the journaling. Oscar is even smiling for photos for me!


One thought on “11 weeks done

  1. beth says:

    Target has some cool alphabet stickers in the dollar bins — also some mason jar magnets that I am going to use as embellishments. Oh! Some neon cassette tape stickers, so weird. We just got back from our vacation and our travel journal turned out great. I’ll post pics on Instagram soon. The book is so thick it will not lay flat.
    Your book is looking great!

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