I spent a day this week sewing something cute and doll like but, of course, I can't blog it because it was a new design for Land of Nod. I can blog this cat picture. Moko is laying on the doll that didn't get made.


Now I'm on to my next "camp project" (project I can only accomplish while O & P are in day camp)… our 2012 photo book. I feel pretty good that I'm only 6 months behind on this. Although I should doublecheck that I ever made 2011. Hmm.

Lots of the 2012 pics are of a teeny tiny baby Moko. We got her last Spring, she's just a year old now. We're laying low this kitty Spring. Two kittens in two years is the limit I guess. I wish we could add a pug to the mix too!


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  1. isabella says:

    the kitty picture is so cute. when growing up I remember our cats finding the funniest places to sit. it makes me wish we had a kitty. maybe in a few years when my youngest is older, at the moment we just have a havanese dog,

  2. Seanna Lea says:

    Kitties are so wonderful. I have our 9-year old kitty and she is super sweet and affectionate, especially now that we have a dog and she cannot simply show us disdain and then expect affection any old time of day. It has mellowed her out some.

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