spring break

Nothing like a week off from school in Chicago in March. 30 degrees, gray skies, just perfect for… nothing. Sitting inside. Today is 50 and sunny though so it feels like Summer. Here are some of my desperate attempts at colorful cheer from this week.

Sugar overload on another dreary day

Kinda cool plastic flowers from Joann's


a hopeful sign

3 thoughts on “spring break

  1. Emily Breton says:

    We’re moving back to Wisconsin after 17 years in DC. Every Easter my homesickness magically vanishes when I receive pictures of neices and nephews in their Easter Finery, which I can’t really see because it’s covered by winter coats, hats, mittens, and frequently snow boots. The baskets however look lovely against the snowy background. It’ll be summer when we arrive, so I can continue in my excitement and denial. 😉

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