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Next year I'm going to be co-president of the PTA. That's my new non-paying, high work gig. Should be fun! Right? Fun? That's what I'm going with. I'm feeling in a little over my head since I've only been at a handful of PTA meetings in my 4 years at Oscar and Phoebe's school but I'm staying positive. I'm doing my homework. And not surprisingly, trying to focus on the crafty/creative aspects of the job… signage, website design, gifts, thank you notes, etc. I'm also using it an excuse to do some fun shopping. I think PTA president needs lots of cute cardigans and office supplies, don't you?

4 thoughts on “my new position

  1. Jan says:

    It’ll be a great experience. I did a vice president’s gig for my daughter’s grade school, back in the 80’s. Have lots of fun.

  2. Becky says:

    I had a brief stint as secretary at my daughter’s elementary school and am apparently lined up to be president at her upper elementary school next year. My advice – get all your friends involved. Get all your kids friends parents involved. Everyone can do something. Delegate, delegate, delegate. And yes, cute cardigans definitely help.

  3. Seanna Lea says:

    That is a nice cardigan. I wish their site was better about letting you search for just something like that. I wanted to see what other cardigans they had.

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