bouffant and some videos

I’m working on some dolls for an auction at school. I have a 60s thing in mind so I made this first gal a bouffant. I love it so much I might have to do bouffy hair for all of them!

bouffant hair style

to watch..
I can’t wait to see this documentary! I hadn’t heard of Vivian Maier before this. So intriguing!


and did you see these HIlarious kids snippets videos Claire linked to? Proposal is my fave


and lastly, a funny yelling goats thing Tim made me watch. Actually, I should have a blog category named that.. things Tim made me watch/read. I’ll tell him.

10 thoughts on “bouffant and some videos

  1. Julie. says:

    oh, I’d not hear of that documentary! Thank You! I read an article about Vivian Maier a couple of years ago and have been fascinated ever since!

  2. branchhomestead says:

    Thank you for that documentary link…so excited about it. So many really amazing documentaries. So sad most never see & appreciate them thank you so much for sharing. Also ridiculous hair…just love it!

  3. Wendy says:

    Did you know that the Chicago History Museum has an exhibit of her photographs? We were there a few weeks ago. Not sure when it ends, but it was worth the trip downtown.

  4. gkgirl says:

    number one…i have got to watch that documentary…
    and number two…i just totally died watching those
    kid snippets & kid history…
    that just made my night!

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