doll hair how-to : loopy yarn hair

Boucle is a great yarn to use if you want your doll to have curly hair. And sewing it down in loops makes for a very fun full head of yarn hair. To do this hairdo, first I pinned and sewed short bags and a base of hair around her head.

doll hair covering head

Then I wrapped the yarn around cardstock and sewed down the middle. I try my best to keep it evenly spaced but it inevitably bunches up. It doesn’t make much of a difference.

Then I fold a bunch of times on the stitch line, tear apart the cardstock and remove and I have a strings of yarn loops to sew to my doll’s head for curls.

I pinned them in place, wrapping around the crown of the head. Now I need to go sew them down.

7 thoughts on “doll hair how-to : loopy yarn hair

  1. heidi says:

    I love your work. Such beauty. I have made one doll (black apple-ish style) and wonder when I will ever have the energy again. I’d better hurry before my girls outgrow dolls.

  2. Connie says:

    Your work is exquisite, and it equals your ingenuity and creative depth. It is truly a miracle when our ideas identically match the finished and very loved creation! I simply adore “Winx” in Pink, as I have come to know her. I look forward to the smiles she brings to my heart when I think of her in the future.

  3. Seanna Lea says:

    I love your method of doing doll hair. I wish I had seen this before I did my last knitted doll. Her head was so heavy that I needed to use a pipe cleaner to give her neck and body the necessary structure to hold all the hair up!

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