From Norway with Love hat

I finished the heart hat I was working on, fair isle style, on for Phoebe. It's this cutie pattern from and I knit it with odds and ends I had on hand. Thanks Jen for the cute pattern recommendation and the new addictive knitting activity!


I twisted the yarn colors as I was going along so that there weren't
too-long loose loops of yarn and I have to say I'm almost as proud of the
inside as I am the outside!



I know it's not much to the accomplished knitter but I'm very excited to be moving along in my knitting, slowly, finally, after all these years.

8 thoughts on “From Norway with Love hat

  1. Knitty Gritty Homestead says:

    Don’t apologize! Learning to be “accomplished” takes time. Your strands look great…the more you “twist” them, the better it ends up looking (rule of thumb: never pull a strand across more than three stitches)…and the front looks GREAT (often it gets pully/pitted looking if things are too tight in the back)…love it!
    I made FIVE mermaidens this past weekend for all the little ones on my list…of course, my daughters now have their requests in! My son will hopefully get “Eddie” for Christmas (I say hopefully…tomorrow is my due date for his THIRD sister)…Eddie can be his little brother! 🙂
    Linked to your blog from mine today, where I was showing off my mermaidens!

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