see you tomorrow?!

Ok, tomorrow I'm doing this. I'm going to bring some extra patterncards and maybe kitchen gnome patterns to hand out. Anything else? Maybe some dolls from the book? Treats? I've heard of people baking goodies for these things but I won't inflict my baking on anyone. Hope to see some of you there! 

10 thoughts on “see you tomorrow?!

  1. maggie says:

    hi hillary,
    i’m so stunned at how beautifully your(and all the other designers’) toys came out – this must be some kind of major advancement! from a near distance it really looks as if you made all of them.
    i’m especially in love with the elephant – gotta git me one for christmas. congratulations!
    xo maggie

  2. Emily K says:

    I was on the Eisenhower Expressway yesterday on my way to work in Chicago when I looked up and saw a huge Land of Nod billboard with your dolls on it! So impressed!

  3. hillary says:

    isn’t that crazy! we saw that too when we were driving to Oak Park. nearly drove off the road! the publicity people at Land of Nod sent me pictures, they were up at the train stations too over the weekend.
    finally hit the big time 😉

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