“Cottages in the Woods”

"Cottages in the Woods" Sale-Eleven charming cottages open for a unique shopping adventure. Scandinavian Artists, Holiday Gifts/Homemade Crafts, Scandinavian Hot lunch at Ligonberry Cafe, Swedish Baked Goods-Swedie Pies Bakery,Dala Horse Carver,Rosemaler,Resale Boutique, Costumed Lucia in the Christmas Cottage Sharing Legend, Story Telling Cottage,Tomten ( Swedish Santa ), Gnomes & More.… 

Grandma found this in the newspaper. I gotta get myself one of those newspaper things. Who knows what kind of kooky holiday fun we're missing out on!

Tomten & kids






our purchases…

vintage pulp santa

vintage christmas cards and a kooky elf


5 thoughts on ““Cottages in the Woods”

  1. April de Haan says:

    oh oh oh! I love that Gnome!
    I am in Bartlett, IL……I am not sure where you are but if we are close can you in box me where this magical place is? Thank you!

  2. megan@contentedsparrow says:

    oh, my….
    i always forget that you live somewhere near my parent’s house. i’ve been by that park-place many times and never knew about that sale! lovely that you got to go experience it! loved your photos.
    blessings to you and yours this Christmas season.

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