6 thoughts on “maybe I’ll start with a hat

  1. Amanda says:

    I made a comment previously on your blog about starting to make the Koji monster from your book for my son. Once my son had one, my daughter had to have one too. So now we have Kojo and Kozy, the Koji monsters. They have pretty much gone everywhere with them since they were made–to school, on vacation, to the store, everywhere!!!! I thought you might like to know how one of your patterns has brought such joy to my kids. My daughter in particular has spent hours outfitting Kozy with furniture and clothing. Thank you!

  2. Seanna Lea says:

    A hat is a very respectable way to start. One of the yarn shops I used to go to taught knitting via a hat. They started with a knit flat portion before switching to knitting in the round. They got to use circular needles and dpns, seam, purl, knit and decrease. It was a great learning tool and a lot less smaller and boring than a scarf.

  3. LizA says:

    There’s a reason Elizabeth Zimmerman is considered the Grand Dame of knitting — follow her genius and you can’t go wrong.

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