a hat with a pom

Inspired by this puppy, I made this hat for Phoebe.

hat for Phoebe

It's 6" of brioche stitch with some quick decreases at the top, knit in thick & quick yarn, with a big scraggly pom. It's cute but I wish that yarn was fuzzier and softer and in a great color. I've started the purlbee owl with this yarn but I might need to bite the bullet and buy something awesomer. 

Have you seen this cutie embroidered tunic at purlbee yet? Who's trying it?!

8 thoughts on “a hat with a pom

  1. LizA says:

    Your yarn has 20% wool, so it my “bloom” some with repeated washings — and should get softer. If you untwist the yarn of the pom and give it a brushing it will look fuller. It’s a lovely hat and I’ll bet your pretty Phoebe is proud of it already!

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