Phoebe’s uneven prairie pirate blouse

Alright. I was trying to make something like this top for Phoebe. I used this vintage pattern to get the tunic with keyhole neck going and then used the elastic thread trick to smock it up. It’s pretty puffy piratey unfortunately. The size 6 pattern I used was too big. And looking at this picture I think I managed to unevenly hem the bottom while trying to shorten it up last night. I undid some rows of smocking on the bottom and added some up above in an effort to make the top smaller. Maybe I’ll put this in a drawer for next year and see if it’s cuter when it fits her in the shoulders better. I think it’s salvageabe. Okay! What out of my Phoebe pinterest board should I attempt/botch next?!

7 thoughts on “Phoebe’s uneven prairie pirate blouse

  1. Charlene says:

    It’s not that the shoulders are too huge, what if you zigzagged some elastic around the back neckline to bring it in and let the shoulders sit right?

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