60 minutes on the computer and this is what I’ve got

Should I buy this parka for $50 for Phoebe? Is it going to get cold enough this Winter? Is that color going to be crazy in real life? Should I look at the resale shops and see what I can find?

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Has anyone knit this owl? Can I knit it with the cheaper yarn from JoAnns and it'll still look as cute? Do they even make enough similar colors in the cheaper yarn?


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Should I start planning the Halloween party for Kindergarten? It's too soon right? I always start way too early. But then is everything sold out at the craft stores? I feel like I remember that too.


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32 thoughts on “60 minutes on the computer and this is what I’ve got

  1. Kat says:

    Yes you should look for a cheaper parka, no you can’t get away with cheaper yarn, no it’s not too early to plan for Hallween–I’ve got my CHRISTMAS shopping done. Glad to help ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Becky says:

    Parka – look at resale shops, which have done me well, but I also have bought them new and gotten my money’s worth.
    Owl – I’ve thought about knitting it with scraps, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. It’s darling, isn’t it?
    Halloween party – go for it.

  3. Bronwen says:

    Parka – check resale shops, but be sure to examine the zippers! Save the $ for when she insists on expensive clothes that she picks out herself.
    Owl – I think you could. Not with Red Heart or super cheapo stuff, but I bet you could find nice yarn from one of the more expensive Joanne’s lines.
    Party – Not too early. Go for it.

  4. icicle says:

    Totally go with the parka. Usually LE coats have a grow tuck sewn in the arms so I have gotten two years out of them at least, especially with the extra length on the parka style. That comes out to $25 a year. Then consign it yourself at a resale shop and recoup some more.

  5. Christine@clartec.com says:

    Buy the coat, if you can’t find good colors cheap, knit the owl with the good yarn, plan the party now! love the ghost cookies!

  6. erin says:

    buy the coat. use cascade 220 and scraps for the owl (reasonable and widely available). and yes, start planning. you and i both know you are going to go over the top with the halloween party anyhow. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Tracy says:

    Buy the coat! I have always purchased LE coats for my children (so, since 1998), and they are a bargain, waterproof, warm, and durable. We always without fail get two years’ wear out of them. Watch for Lands End’s 40% off offers, which start up right about this time of year. And they stand by their products. My husband had a jacket from them, and after 5 years the zipper broke. They replaced the jacket for free!!

  8. Becky says:

    Buy the coat but 1 size too big so you get two years from it and then watch for the sales to buy the next on clearance. According to Pinterest, we should be planning for Easter so I think you’re fine on Halloween. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m afraid I know nothing about yarn.

  9. Seanna Lea says:

    The owl looks awesome. You might be able to get away with a cheaper yarn. Some of the thrift lines do offer a wide range of colors. The other thing is you can buy the main color in cheap (because white and cream are easier to find) and get the others from your scraps or scraps of friends. I probably have all of those colors (though the grey is probably a tweed) in my stash in different fibers.

  10. Larissa says:

    The Lands End parkas (lightweight) I bought for my girls are going on year 3 now. I bought one size up and I thought they’d be too small this year, but nope. And they look like new, so I can consign them or hand them down. We got our dollar’s worth from them and I got to pick the color. That’s big to me. Watch for a sale. They have one like every 5 minutes. I love that citrine.

  11. Caren Adams says:

    I’ve had a day like that, too. Resale shop? Yes. But keep the parka bookmarked, because they are awesome about giving ways to make the coat “grow” with your kiddos. And in that color it’s not likely she’ll lose it, right?!
    So here’s a question back to you: what do I look for when buying muslin? I’m using some right now and it is so thin that you can see right through it. Is there some sort of weight or thread count to look for? Is there a “better brand”?
    As for the owl, I can’t help but it is super cute! Which makes me think of another question: is there a “typical” or “best” yarn for making doll hair?
    Halloween? I say go for it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Andrea says:

    Yes to the parka, it’s an amazing colour, don’t know to the owl but would love to make one now, not too early for Halloween planning…I’m planning Christmas activities already…planning is always good!

  13. Emily says:

    Patons classic wool has some nice colors at Joann’s–surely the cream and charcoal grey and Martha also has some nice colors at Joann’s–fill in with Cascade if you can’t find that nice blue.
    Get on Land’s End mailing list–they just had a 40% off one item but it expired yesterday or I’d forward it to you. They send e-mails often (I have a separate email account for all the mailing lists!
    The ghosts are darling!

  14. lorien says:

    I knit the owl with cheap 100% wool yarn and it is super cute! I used the off-white color for the body, but went crazy with the colors for the eyes. He lives on my couch and everyone loves him. Check out what others have done on Ravelry. They knit up fast, so I’ve been thinking about making one for each season and just changing the eye color!
    It isn’t too early to start planning for Halloween parties! Especially if you have to make a costume for the school pay, a Halloween costume, throw your thirteen year old a birthday party, and host your whole family for Thanksgiving…maybe that’s just me:)

  15. Crabtree Studio says:

    Great parka, the owl looks like fun and could totally be made with cheaper yarn. If it is a school party – double check that you can even do Halloween themed things. Our school doesn’t have Halloween anymore – now it is Fall Festival with leaves and pumpkins (no ghosts, Jack-o-lanterns, or witches allowed). Fall Festival is fine, but I do miss Halloween….

  16. Liz says:

    I actually just knit that owl! Here is my Ravelry project page: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Voxless/big-snowy-owl
    I’m currently in Ireland so I used Rico Design, Creative Twist. However it is a LOT like Lion Brand Wool Ease (thick n’ quick). As you can see I found very similar colors, and it was much cheaper in the end. I definitely recommend knitting it, was so fun to watch it come together and now to watch my girls squish, hug and tackle him ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Jenni says:

    Well, I have to say buy the parka since your post prompted me to purchase one (electric coral color) for my oldest – definitely a good investment, since she’ll get 2 years out of it and her sister will get another 2 and a friend’s baby will get another 2!

  18. penny says:

    depends if you want wool/wool blend/cotton…. lionbrand has lots of choices and an extensive palette. wool-ease thick-n-quick or chunky [check gauge] would probably be a great substitution! or maybe the LB-martha alpaca blend…

  19. hillary says:

    What are you using the muslin for? I don’t use muslin that much.
    the yarn I like best for doll hair is brown sheep lamb’s pride wool/mohair mix. it’s my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Jenn Wisbeck says:

    You can knit the own in another yarn. You can use scraps for the smaller bits of color, though depending on the effect you want it may look best to keep it in the same yarn as the body (and then knit hats or something else fun out of the leftover yarn)

  21. Elise says:

    Yes to the parka. I bought three last year for my girls and they still fit this year. The toddler sizes have extendable cuffs so you can let them out a couple of inches, do the larger sizes also? Definitely look for a deal, there was a 40% off any item that ended yesterday.

  22. JenniS says:

    My daughter is turning 12 and we are on her 3rd Land’s End coat. We get 2-3 years out of each one because I buy 1 size bigger. She loves their parkas because they are warm but not bulky so they are great for winter play.

  23. Laura G says:

    Don’t know if you decided on coat, but I will tell you that we got the matching gloves for my daughter, and they are very bright colored. She likes them, but I’m thinking in a coat, it may be too much of a good thing. It’s much brighter in person then on computer or in catalog. I have a pile of outgrown Land’s end coats sitting here- got a lot of use out of them, and they still look new. Mostly pink; they’re waiting to go to resale or Ebay when I can get to it.

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