North Shore

We're back from our Summer vacation. We had to save it til the last minute because of some big project Tim had at work this Summer. So we spent a lot of Summer looking forward to our getaway and luckily it didn't disappoint.



beach at Knife River


Now we're BTS tomorrow! I have mixed feelings. Ready for some routine and for the pressure to be off a bit but not really ready for the rush of activities that is back to school. I'm mostly just feeling unfinished. It was a weird Summer. Too hot. Too many storms. Too much work. Those are all my complaints though. The kids seem very happy with how Summer went down so I'll just go with that. And maybe I'm just dragging my feet because my baby starts kindergarten this week!

4 thoughts on “North Shore

  1. erin says:

    i thought it was a weird summer, too. you are not alone.
    and really? kindergarten for her already? that just does not seem possible!
    i hope they have a great first day and that it’s the beginning of an awesome year.

  2. IamSusie says:

    I love it up there. Lake Superior is so beautiful. We plan to go to the Apostle Islands next summer. Your kids are now about the age mine were when I started reading your blog, and I have pictures of my kids on similar cool, dark rocky shorelines.

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