first day of school!

Kindergarten! Here's a peek at her goofball backpack. And thanks to the very helpful etsy seller, ScooterbugsBaby, she had a cutie dress to wear in the knick of time. The first one I bought (from Retro&Me) was super adorable but at the last minute I decided to save it for Christmas.

Phoebe love love loves kindergarten, as I knew she would. Everything about it is cute. Teacher is cute, room is cute, other kids are stinkin cute, craft projects coming home are cute, her packing her own snack is cute. It's going to be a great year!


and THIRD grade! This one secretly likes school too. He grumbles as all proper 8 year old boys should but he spent a lot of time setting up his new desk this week. And might have actually said homework is fun. Hope his friends aren't reading this.


Now I just need my brain and the weather to catch up with this back to school business and we'll be all set!

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