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Even with Oscar back in school all day and Phoebe there half day, I've had a hard time finding time to make anything. You think to yourself all Summer "as soon as the kids are in school…" but then there is some time warp issue and they're only there for 10 mintues and you've had one cup of coffee and they're back in your house. But I've decided tomorrow is making stuff day over here. I've been picking up inspirations all week…

at the thrift store


at the fabric store/library


I'm even going to try to knit some socks! I was thinking I'd use this pattern. What do you think sock knitters? Good place to start?


18 thoughts on “crafty inspirations

  1. marisa says:

    That sock pattern looks pretty basic. It is as good a place to start as any. You could check out the knit more girls vanilla sock too. That is really square one.

  2. lorien says:

    Purl bee has a sock pattern for Pom Pom peds. The directions are stellar, and since you are only knitting peds, they are a quick knit!

  3. LizA says:

    I’m no use when it comes to Gusseted heels — I just learned the Sweet Tomato Heel via Ravelry and the author’s own video of YouTube. You can place it toe up or cuff down, and it’s supposed to fit better. I can say it’ really pretty easy, and you don’t end up with holes.
    Lovin’ that yarn choice!

  4. Donna Pedaci says:

    That floral fabric in the second picture is lovely!
    We homeschool, but one summer the girls went to day camp for a week and I was dreaming about all the free time I would have. But honestly, by the time I’d drop them off, drive back home, do some housework, I’d have maybe a couple of hours before it was time to pick them up, cook dinner, make lunches, do laundry if they needed clean camp shirts and then get everyone settled down to bed. I felt I had less time than when they were home.

  5. Nancy Cook says:

    I am thinking i will have all this time when they start at the end of next week. We will see. If only I didn’t feel compelled to exercise as well. I love the yarn choice. I like the color combination a lot. Would you mind sharing the name of the company?

  6. Seanna Lea says:

    The sock instructions are a little wonky, especially at the turn the heel portion of the instructions. If you have a good local library, I’d see if they have the book Knit Socks (it is shaped like a sock). It is very good at breaking the instructions down step by step.
    That said, their heel instructions will probably work. It just won’t look like the gusset heel on any of the socks I’ve been knitting for the past 4-5 years. ^_^;

  7. amruta says:

    Absolutely I love the pattern. This socks pattern is new to me. These are little long. I like short pattern. I like the color combination as well. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Pamela says:

    Hi !! this is my first time visiting the site and I really like it!!! I’M FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE LITTLE SHEEP from your header.. I would love to have the pattern for that sheep!!

  9. Terri Ann says:

    The Wise Hilda socks are a perfect place to start. Kate is a great knitting teacher here in Toronto and I learned sock knitting from her using this pattern. It is perfect for both newbies and those more experienced. Check out her sock knitting tips on, as well. I think the posts are called sock knitting 101 and 102.

  10. Terri Ann says:

    Oooooo, I forgot! Another good starter pattern is Susan B. Anderson’s “How I Make My Socks” , found on her blog.

  11. Knitty Gritty Homestead says:

    Haven’t used this pattern…I’m a toe-up kinda gal (converted after my first pair!), using the magic loop (which seems terrifyingly complicated until someone sits you down and walks you through it)…something to look forward to! 🙂 Love that yarn…

  12. Redhedhels says:

    I know what you mean. Every Friday (my only non-work weekday) I make lots of plans. Sometimes it’s fun stuff, sometimes it’s errands, but every week I seem to drop my dd off at school, make a cup of tea and then it’s time to go back and pick her up again! How does that happen?!

  13. Ali says:

    I find it hard to find time to make anything these days too. My 11 month old doesn’t really like to nap much any more. I love getting inspiration at thrift stores though when I do get a bit of time. You just never know what you will find there.

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