Now that she has a new frock, Juliet is not embarassed to turn around. I like this dress much better, mostly because it took me 10 minutes to sew but also because it's made from a super soft vintage sheet that I think is really dreamy and looks like something Juliet would don.

I was torn on her hair. I wanted to do a huge elaborated braided up do with lots of ribbons woven through. When i was searching ballet photos many of the ballerinas performing Juliet had hair like that. But the long, free flowing hair is so what I think of when I think of Juliet so I compromized with a braided crown with pink woven in. 

I'm not working on these dolls for patterns, they're actually all the same pattern… Elise/Elsa Elf. I've been wanting to sell one of a kind dolls for always but never seem to have the time, and I'm perfectionist, and I can think of a thousand reasons not to, but I really do enjoy it so I'm plunging in! I've listed Juliet on ebay here

I love having a character as inspiration. I want to continue on this theme and make another ballerina. I think a trip to library to brush up on my ballets is in order.

8 thoughts on “Juliet

  1. Kim says:

    She is beautiful, love the hair! Can’t wait to see who you make next…the first one that came to mind is Clara from the Nutcracker.

  2. Audra says:

    AMAZING! I love your dolls…and Romeo and Juliet…and I teach freshman English which means I HAVE to bid on this! so glad I didn’t yet tell The Mister in a self-important declarative tone that we aren’t buying each other anything for christmas! Instead I’ll tell him we can each buy one thing that is…ummm….between 50 and ……ummm somesecretnumberneedtooutfoxotherbidders.

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