I finished her

Thanks for the encouragement! That actually worked, setting that little deadline for myself. It kept me plugging away at her all day. She's all done, but her dress — which of course I botched and took hours to fix — is still not right. I'm sticking with the ballerina theme and am making Juliet. Her dress is cute but it's made from quilting cotton (which is all I have on hand) and it isn't flowy enough. I might need to hit the fabric store. First I'm going to try my crazy "basement stash". Never know what I might find down there.


8 thoughts on “I finished her

  1. Gumbo Lily says:

    She’s lovely. The pink ribbon woven into the hair is pretty, pretty! I’m comforted to hear that sometimes you botch something you are sewing. You are human after all! What a relief.

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