I have a fun stack of cookbooks out from the library right now. I should post when I make stuff but I'm terrible at taking appetizing photographs of food. I made granola last night that went straight into the garbage, such a waste. I'm terrible at making granola. I always burn it or it doesn't clump or both. I've tried many recipes but cannot figure out the secret. But yesterday's success, these millet muffins, are delicious. 

Checked out from library

Made these and they are awesome

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  1. Mary says:

    I think the key to success in granola making is baking it at a very low temp. (200 for 4-5 hours), resisting the urge to stir it often, and using thick oats (no instant or quick-cooking). I’ve used the same recipe for 30 years. I love Juliet’s braids!

  2. Laura says:

    Most of my granola recipes don’t clump all that much–only the ones with the really sticky syrup/coating. Usually they turn out more like toasty museli or cereal, with maybe a couple of pieces sticking together here and there. This is exactly what the granola I used to buy from a coffee shop in college was like, so this seems like a success to me. Maybe you have always eaten the clumpy kind but are using recipes for the more toasty kind? Also, if your cookie sheets are shiny silver metal, food tends to cook more slowly and not burn as fast. If you are using darker metal sheets (either non-stick or just a darker metal), everything bakes faster on them and browns too quickly, in my experience. I usually turn down the oven temp by 25 or 50 degrees. And set a timer to switch racks and stir. I’ve burned a few batches myself… 🙂
    The millet muffins sound yummy!

  3. Beth says:

    David Lebovitz’s granola is the clumpiest I’ve made. It used applesauce or other pureed fruit. And don’t stir, especially while its cooling.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Was it the Super Natural Everyday granola that you burnt? ‘Cause I just burnt the very same recipe! (I think the baking time listed is a little too long.) I was super bummed since it smelled so good baking. Of course, I’m super stubborn and don’t like to waste food, so I’ve been eating my burnt granola all week.

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