Summer is on!

Summer leg


Oscar is off fishing with Grandpa and Phoebe and I are going out shopping for her butterfly birthday party. I am a bad craft blog mom. I have no real plan for this party. A theme — butterflies — that's about all I have.  No elaborate decorations or treats. No fancy crafts. So far I've got gluing poms on a popsicle stick to make a caterpillar and running through the sprinkler. I look back at Oscar's robot party and feel lots of guilt.

11 thoughts on “Summer is on!

  1. JLVerde says:

    As long as your daughter has a good time there’s no need to kill yourself to make it “blog worthy”.
    (have you seen the “hatch your own butterfly” kits? google it, it might be a cute gift for your daughter)

  2. Dawn Nelson says:

    The hatch your own butterfuly kit is great. My wee boy’s nursery did that recently. Just make sure you do it so that at least one butterfly is hatched by the birthday party date. Hope it all goes well.
    Dawn xx

  3. Gingercake says:

    sounds fun. I did a low key butterfly theme once too. I drew a butterfly on a poster board and then cut out dots and shapes from construction paper. Pin the spots on the butterfly! the kids thought it was hilarious and it was really easy. Then make a butterfly cake! enough theme for me!

  4. Lissa says:

    Maybe craft blog mom and good mom are not synonymous. Kids are so over-scheduled these days! They probably loved their little craft and plain old sprinkler-play!

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