Our serviceberry had a bad crop this year, barely any berries. Luckily I discovered there are some serviceberry trees at school and they had a great year! I have a bin of berries in the freezer waiting to be made into treats. I made muffins, using this recipe. They were delicious but not berrific enough. This crumble on the other hand, awesome! It's peach and saskatoons and I followed the recipe in this month's Everyday Food (adding 2 cups of berries).

Breakfast. Saskatoon peach crumble

Harvesting saskatoons

5 thoughts on “saskatoons

  1. jen-o says:

    mmm Saskatoons are my favorite berry – I make my summer holiday plans based around the berries being ready at the lake!

  2. Jacqui says:

    Oh boy I miss Saskatoons! That’s the worst part of moving away from Canada. When I was a kid no-one used to pick them so we had a whole river valley of them to ourselves, I gather now it’s everyone for themselves so how amazing to find trees at school!

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