just keep pinning

This week…

I want new outside furniture. Love the green! We got a green umbrella and it looks so awesome. Now I want all green.


And I want to drink pretty drinks on said furniture


I'm totally going to make these for garden club kids next year


and Tim says he's going to perfect the cupcake. then I'll frost them like this


I love kitties.


I want to have pretty messy hair

Source: hanneli.com via Hillary on Pinterest


I'm obsessed with my garden right now. it's making me want more plants indoors as well


this is what I want my yard to feel like. an impossible dream in the middle of suburbia but I can still try.

Source: topit.me via Hillary on Pinterest

2 thoughts on “just keep pinning

  1. Anne says:

    Those cupcakes look amazing! I think I now share your goal to frost my cupcakes like that. Any idea how to go about doing it? Is it just a special tip with the frosting piped in a spiral?

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