Danish Pot – Free Block of the Month by Marisa Zucek of Quilt Otaku

Hi guys, this is mostly for our quilty friends but really cute eye candy for all of us. Marisa Zucek of Quilt Otaku is doing a super fun series, a block a month, of designs based on modern design classics. This month's is the Danish pot. From Marisa.. "It's inspired by a Danish Pot. Dansk put a line of them out and they are classic mid-century modernist 'must have' pieces.  The wood handle adds something I think.  I choose a 'wood' colored solid fabric for the handle, in order to give it a natural feel. I'm using solid fabrics from an English company called Oakshott.  They are really beautiful. " I think the pots were for fondue, right? I love it!

So you can download the pattern here. And last month's was Catherine Holmes' lotus bowl, here. Another classic! Such a fun series and so generous of Marisa to be offering these for all us quilters with a modern aesthetic. Check out more info on Marisa and her designs on her blog, Quilt Otaku. She just got back from Japan so maybe we'll be seeing some glamour shots of fabric purchases?? Thanks Marisa!

Bowl Modern Objects Block 2

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