Butterfly 5

The aftermath

It’s actually best to view this party in Instagram because it looks better if you don’t look too closely, haha. It was a fun party but I’m still feeling guilt because I didn’t put as much planning and thought into it as I would have liked. My kids have kinda bad birthdays. P’s is the second school is out and evidently the end of the school year needs to be an insane fest. And O’s is smack dab in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not on a actual holiday bad but just inconvenient enough that I feel like I’m never giving them my full attention. Anyhoo, there were some really cute things… I loved the table set up. These paper lanterns from Target are super cute. I’d found a paper butterfly garland at the dollar store a while back and ended up cutting the butterflies off it for a game and then taped the extras on the lanterns.


I tried to make the treats fancy by adorning the cupcakes with chocolate butterflies  I drew butterflies with a piping bag full of melted chocolate onto parchment paper. They turned out sort of cute, sort of crazy, but definitely fancy!


Our game was a sort of candy catch. I taped candy to the butterflies and then we threw them in the air for the kids to catch in their butterfly nets. This is in lieu of the pinata that I was just too cheap to buy.


More cute party stuff from Target. I love this confetti print Mara Mi tablecloth.


My favorite part of the party were that the girls were wearing butterfly wings the whole time. I really wanted the cool actual butterfly wings from Hearthsong (here) but I had visions of the girls all fighting over the pink ones, or not wanting to wear them at all, so I wanted to keep it cheap and carefree.


My crafts were done with things I had on hand and were sort of lame. Sorry girls. We made pom pom caterpillars and then butterflies with origami paper wings and clothespin bodies and pipe cleaner antenaes.

Pom pom caterpillars

Phoebe was in 7th heaven the whole time so I count it as a big success! Oh and no one cried or got hurt. Bonus!

Opening presents

23 thoughts on “Butterfly 5

  1. Nettie says:

    Looks fabulous. Seems to me that the parties I over plan, don’t go over as well as the thrown together ones. Then I get all bent out of shape, if the kids don’t love and appreciate all my work. Can’t win.

  2. chelle says:

    Seriously. This is the kind of party that you feel guilty about? Looks pretty magnificent to me. Lower those expectations, girl. Crafts? That’s a big step above most parties… And the catching candy with nets is one of the most creative things I’ve seen in a while. Much better than hitting a pinata. Unless you’re mad at someone. Then the pinata wins.
    By the way, I have at least five of those Target tablecloths in my closet, and I have very high expectations of how I will use them someday. Ha.

  3. amy h says:

    Why on earth are you putting down the party so much? It looks awesome! Have you been looking at too much Pinterest or something? 🙂 I’m sure all the kids loved it.

  4. eg says:

    Isa’s been wanting a butterfly party for 5 since the day after she turned 4. Will be shamelessly stealing your ideas, which will be a big step up from our usual. Happy Birthday, Junebaby!

  5. Daphne says:

    You are being way too hard on yourself. But I get that. It’s lovely and seventh heaven, no tears/injuries? Major success! Love the photos too.
    PS haven’t had a party OR planned a party for my kid yet. 2nd bday is 7/25. We shall see.

  6. hillary says:

    I’ve learned that with the school parties! the more carefully I plan a cute cute craft, the bigger bomb it is. then I’m bummed. better to find the right balance of investment

  7. hillary says:

    aw, sweet 🙂 yes, steal away. but do the coffee filter butterflies. those are always such a hit. I also love the contact paper/tissue paper butterflies that you hang in your window like stained glass. they’d just done those at school though. and did you see the pin the dot on the butterfly idea in comment in last post? that was a cute idea!

  8. hillary says:

    I didn’t do a kid party for Oscar til he was 4 and this is Phoebe’s first. When they’re so little it’s just as fun to have a family bbq I think.

  9. Adria says:

    This is great! Totally stealing some of these ideas. Where did you get the nets? I’d love to find a place to find them in bulk for cheap. Also where did you get the wings?
    Thanks for posting!

  10. Trina says:

    Great Job. I agree with the other ladies, your daughter loved it and it looks great from what I see, then it is a success. Thanks for sharing, I think I have inspiration for my daughter’s 5th.

  11. Megan says:

    This is a beautiful party! It looks magical and enchanting. Plus, you gotta pace yourself. She’s only 5, you will throw at least 13 more parties for her. You will always want to raise the bar, so you have to keep the increments smaller.

  12. Kimberly Kauer says:

    It looks like a beautiful party! My kids have birthdays at the same times as yours, and while I always thought the birthday right on top of Thanksgiving was bad, the one right after school gets out is pretty bad too. Next year, I’m going to throw his party in May.

  13. Jessie says:

    Absolutely adorable! And a kitten joining the family at the same time?! Unless you’re planning on getting her a pink convertible for her 16th and a condo and trip to Europe for her 21st, I don’t think you want to set the bar much higher than that.

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