rolling eyes

I've been playing with paint the last few days. Or rather, paint's been playing with me. Not exactly my natural medium, but I'll show & tell results next week. Now that I'm done with that I'm moving back to the safety of my sewing machine. I have plans today for these rolling eyes. Don't you just love the optimistic 1950s? Look at all those uses for rolling eyes.

Rolling eyes

3 thoughts on “rolling eyes

  1. Sarah R. says:

    Ha! The randomness of that list is awesome. I love that they felt the need to specify “Children’s Sweaters.” Because clearly anyone of any age can wear a shirt or hat with rolling eyes, but an adult sweater with rolling eyes? Absolutely not! I also like that “Ties” is listed twice. Perhaps the packaging copywriter REALLY wanted a tie with a face?

  2. fillyjonk says:

    I notice they don’t have “cacti” listed there. I guess no one in the 1950s was so afraid of their houseplants they had to give them googly eyes (as in the famous Christopher Walken SNL sketch, and I keep threatening – but never do it – to stick googly eyes on all the plants in my classroom building for April 1.)

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