hold on Spring

I'm trying to catch up! Spent the weekend getting mosquito bites, running through the sprinkler and sitting in front of the bonfire. Also doing a quick clean up of the yard so the new flowers busting to get through have some space, weeding corduroy out of the clothes closets and hunting for sandals. Boots are away, seeds are planted and Phoebe and I are headed out with the camera to catch the Spring flowers. Fast and furious and SUPER early but we're all for it!


Planting seeds

4 thoughts on “hold on Spring

  1. Kathleen says:

    As a person who was born and raised in Chicago (now living in Southern California) I’m worried about you. You have that joyful, hopeful feeling. The one that makes you think you have managed to dodge winter. But it is Chicago. It will sneak up and dump some snow on you just when you think you are safe. I love Chicago with a near-blinding passion, but the weather will always break your heart.

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