pom pommery

Here’s our snowman. So cute! I love making pom poms. It’s so relaxing, like little bonsais.

I made snowman’s poms with the pom-po-nette. Pretty labor intensive but they came out super dense and awesome.

10 thoughts on “pom pommery

  1. kelsey says:

    I want one of those pom pom makers – badly!
    And as a trivia fact from a random internet person, I lived in Middleboro, Mass [from the yarn label..] when I was small! Live in a neighbouring town, now. ;P

  2. Barny says:

    those pom poms are great 🙂
    Is the pom pom maker good? I’ve always used basic methods and a plastic fork to make small ones!
    i think instagram is good if it helps you upload faster. I’m so behind on my dslr photos. are photos still relevant 6 months later?
    Happy New Year!

  3. robin says:

    I really like the snowmanʻs pompoms. You made those with the Pom Pom-ette? What is that? I have underwhelmed by my Clover pom pom maker. I like those big fat snowman ones!

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