pom pommery

Here's our snowman. So cute! I love making pom poms. It's so relaxing, like little bonsais.

Our snowman

I made snowman's poms with the pom-po-nette. Pretty labor intensive but they came out super dense and awesome.


for a little present to myself I bought this Clover pom pom maker. So so much faster and still pretty plump and good.

Fancy pompom

Is it annoying that all my photos are instagram now? Ever since we switched to iLife 11 it takes forever to upload my photos from the camera onto the computer. So much easier to take with the phone and upload to flickr, ready to blog.

10 thoughts on “pom pommery

  1. kelsey says:

    I want one of those pom pom makers – badly!
    And as a trivia fact from a random internet person, I lived in Middleboro, Mass [from the yarn label..] when I was small! Live in a neighbouring town, now. ;P

  2. Barny says:

    those pom poms are great 🙂
    Is the pom pom maker good? I’ve always used basic methods and a plastic fork to make small ones!
    i think instagram is good if it helps you upload faster. I’m so behind on my dslr photos. are photos still relevant 6 months later?
    Happy New Year!

  3. robin says:

    I really like the snowmanʻs pompoms. You made those with the Pom Pom-ette? What is that? I have underwhelmed by my Clover pom pom maker. I like those big fat snowman ones!

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