it’s the snow’s fault

Trying not to think of the confused little crocuses that tried to come up a few weeks ago

I'm looking for someone to blame for my lack of creative focus this week. I choose the snow. On one hand, it's inspiring me. Our quilts are getting a lot of play these days. We come in from playing in the snow, make huge quilt piles to cozy up in and dump all our toys on top of them and play the rest of the day away. It's really giving me the quilting itch. I want to make some quilts in a theme, different sizes but all with same color/design elements. Maybe a doll quilt, a bear quilt, a bed quilt, a sofa quilt or maybe each family member gets their own lap quilt for movie watching. Something silly and over ambitious like that.

(Phoebe's doll quilts have been getting lots of play too these days. Makes me so happy!)

Doll quilt pile

But over here on the other hand is the overwhelming fuss and mess that is snow… the shush, the filthy floors, the puddles, the mountains of mittens and boots amassed at every exit, the bundling and shoveling and scraping it takes to do anything or go anywhere, it all really sucks up any energy I have to actually tackle a project. So, it's the snow's fault. You win snow. I shall sit here and drink coffee and pin quilt inspirations. Not a battle I mind losing.


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