it was my birthday, and it was warm!

60 and sunny. That has never ever happened. What a treat! I went for a little outdoor hike. Crazy. I had yummy treats, saw an awful movie and got to buy myself more nail polish. Thanks to all my family and friends for gifts and hellos all day. And thanks to the facebook kid for making the happy birthday machine. I love that “ping, happy birthday… ping, happy birthday” all day long.

6 thoughts on “it was my birthday, and it was warm!

  1. jess says:

    It was my son’s birthday yesterday too, such a beautiful day! I don’t know if we have ever been able to play at the park on Jan 6 before.

  2. eileen says:

    Happy [belated] Birthday – it was my daughters 8th yesterday so very busy – glad you enjoyed your day! Great weather – could not have been nicer out!!!

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