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The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides. I liked it quite a bit. I was glad because the book I finished last weekend, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, had such a disappointing ending for the sooo much time invested reading it. I needed a good book. I'm starting The Book Thief tonight. I could talk a lot about movies and books. That's pretty much all I've been doing it seems like. I looked back on blog to see what I was doing this time last year. Not much. I want to make something I've never made before but I'm too lazy to think of something. Oscar and I might do origami after school. Maybe I'll blog that tomorrow. Here's some cute cute cute stuff I've pinned to Phoebe's board lately.



And no, I won't actually be buying her $100 shoes or a $90 shirt. But maybe I can make her this dress.

25 thoughts on “i read a book

  1. Emma says:

    The Book Thief is an amazing read… I almost put it down after the first ten pages – I had to get used to the style/tone… but I kept going and boy, did it become unputdownable! So very moving…
    I could go on and on about books too… and sewing, and quilting… And I could spend hours pinning stuff. But actually moving from the getting-inspired stage to the working stage, that’s a different matter entirely!

  2. Jacqui says:

    A disappointing ending is such a let-down when the rest of the book was great (or even worse if it wasn’t!).
    I bought myself a pair of boot clogs at Lotta from Stockholm the other day after seeing some similar ones at SHB pinned – I’m such a lemming! But I’ve bought from Lotta before and they’re so much cheaper and just as nice. Of course I had to go and see what kids ones they have and they have some nice woven-style ones similar to the peep toes above, and only (only!) 23 pounds. Naturally my 6 year old spied them, in pink to boot, and said “I’d like those!” Will I never learn! Maybe next summer I said.

  3. jennifer says:

    i felt that the end of Edgar Sawtelle was perfect; it was, of course, sort of a Shakespeare retelling…
    Anyway, I am a John Irving lover, and so when I read Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese I was in love. Not a disappointing ending, either.

  4. Devon says:

    Get your tissues ready for the book thief. Amazing book. I started it after dinner one day and didn’t stop until it was over at 4 am. Also, I haven’t literally had wracking sobs while reading a book since I was a teenager. And on a side note, dear lord do I love those yellow shoes!

  5. Jennifer Tyler says:

    The Book Thief is an amazing read. I was so sad when it ended. I just finished The Night Circus and I highly recommend it. Fun, fun, fun. I just started The Rules of Civility. The Marriage Plot is next on my list. Yay, reading!

  6. Carolyne says:

    I am currently reading The Marriage Plot too. Liking it, but like Marisa, not as much as Middlesex (yet). I have The Book Thief amongst the 30 or so books on my to-read pile – perhaps I should read that next too? May I suggest an Australian author who I quite like (not sure how much of a profile she has in the US): Sonya Hartnett. Her book The Ghost’s Child is lyrical.

  7. Hillary Lang says:

    yeah, I knew it wasn’t going to end happy. and I don’t need a happy ending. but it was so incomplete, so many things unanswered. I did really enjoy the beginning of the book though.

  8. Seanna Lea says:

    Very cute. I like the second picture with the face painting. If you were my area, I’d suggest that you come to one of the winter farmer’s markets on the weekends. One of my friends does face painting there.

  9. Paula says:

    I read the Marriage Plot last week and I really liked it. I loved the Book Thief – excellent choice. You won’t be disappointed!

  10. Mimi says:

    “The Book Thief” is amazing.
    Edward Sawtelle is a retelling of Hamlet, once you realize that, the ending makes a lot more sense.

  11. Aubrey says:

    I felt the exact same way about Edgar Sawtelle. I never thought about it being a retelling of Hamlet until reading these comments so maybe if I’d known that ahead of time I would have liked it better. Probably not. I also felt like there were too many pieces left unsettled, and I hate when I finish a book and feel unsettled.
    I loved The Book thief but haven’t yet read the Marriage plot. I did just finish “The tiger’s wife” which was pretty good.

  12. kate says:

    I enjoyed The Marriage Plot. However, it led me back to re-reading Sense & Sensibility – lovely but utter nonsense. Those Victorian women were so restricted!

  13. nancy heard says:

    the book thief is amazing!! and i loved edgar sawtelle but didn’t really care for the sad ending either. still glad i read it though. my goodness, i can’t believe how big phoebe has gotten…such a beautiful girl!!

  14. nancy heard says:

    i knew i forgot something…have you read the night circus by erin morgenstern? that was the best book i read in all of last year. i highly recommend!!

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