Stuffed Sock Tomten Ornament

Okay, the tree is up. Now what's going on it? How about this guy?

Stuffed Sock Tomten Ornament


materials needed:
1 pair of kids christmas socks
1 pair of girls white or cream tights or socks
bit of felt or fake fur for bear
2 black beads for eyes
bit of red embroidery floss for mouth
string for hanger
1/2 yd of 3/4" ribbon for trim
needle and thread
to make:
1. Cut off one toe section (about 4-5" long) each from socks and tights. Double thread your needle and sew a gathering stitch around open edge of sock section. Stuff and shape into a nice round ball. Pull stitches taught and tie off in a knot, tucking edges in toward stuffing. Now you have two balls, one for the head and one for the body.
2. Cut off a 4" section at top of one of your socks for the hat. The cuff of sock will pull down around head. Thread needle with string you'll use for hanger and sew a gathering stitch through top of hat. Pull taught and tie off in a knot leaving long tails of thread to knot at ends and use as loop to hang from tree. My hat was tight around the head but if yours is loose sew it to the head with a few tacking stitches.
3. Sew head to body, hiding starting and ending knots in back. Cut a triangle of fake fur or felt for a beard and sew to face at sides of head with a few stitches in matching color thread.
4. To finish, you can sew or hot glue beads for eyes and ribbon around hat and belly for belt. For mouth knot 6" piece of red embroidery floss and pull in needle from hidden under back of hat through to front of face where you want mouth (above beard), leave enough slack to make a little smile and then thread back through to back where you can tie off floss in another hidden knot.

And hang him on the tree! Or stuff him in a stocking or tie him to a gift. We're making a set to go out in our Christmas treat boxes.

Stuffed Sock Tomten Ornament

9 thoughts on “Stuffed Sock Tomten Ornament

  1. Lynne says:

    How incredibly adorable!! I’m stopping at Target on my way home from work to buy some socks and tights!!! Must make some of these!Thanks very much for the instructions 🙂

  2. Nikki says:

    I always look forward to seeing your handmade ornaments each year. I’m never disappointed! This is so adorable. Definitely something I’m going to have to make.

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