doll pajama freebie

doll pajamas that fit Kit, Chloe & Louise and Elise/Elsa Elf

Okay, here is the pajama pattern and how to photos. It’s a flickr set and the link to the pattern is in the set’s description. It’s here too. I’m sorry it’s not more glamorous but I wanted to get it up lickity split. The pattern is hand drawn and the directions are short and sweet. If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments on flickr! Happy pajama making! I’ve made 5 pairs now and Phoebe loves them all!

These pjs fit Elise/Elsa Elf

as well as Kit, Chloe and Louise

And I’ll tell you what is fancy, our new gussied up shop! Tim cranked it out this weekend and I just didn’t have the heart to make him fancy up my freebie pattern too. It’s all pretty and snowflakey just in time for holiday making.

12 thoughts on “doll pajama freebie

  1. Kim says:

    Oh I love you. My son has been asking me for pajamas for one of his Monster dolls forever and I just haven’t wanted to sit down and measure everything out to make up a pattern. These will be PERFECT!!!

  2. Susan Jonsson says:

    How generous of you to gift us with the free pattern. Motivation to work on the doll pattern too in time for Christmas! Thank you!

  3. jam says:

    The new shop is wonderful; We get to see all your creations in one place. The Elf dolls are great.
    And thanks for the free pattern. Great incentive to get it done for Christmas.
    thanks so much.

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