and what do you have that’s Christmasy?

Tim put some of our holiday items up on the sidebar and I'm going to feature past and present Christmas craft projects in the next few weeks. My bit last year was shrinking my toys into ornaments. Think I'll do some more of that this year too. My goal is to make tiny versions of all the toys in the book for our tree.

Here's one of our most Christmasy patterns, Mr & Mrs Gnome

and here's what they look like as a wee Mr & Mrs Claus (directions here)

And to answer here some questions, yes the pajamas fit some of the dolls in the book. They fit storybook and kitty, mind the tail. And Blackberry Fairy's hair method is the same as Pixie's hair in the book. 

I'm getting excited for Christmas crafting! My only mind block is trying to figure out crafts for Oscar's holiday party. I'm stumped. I overdid it last year so I'm looking for something simple but super awesome. Anyone have any ideas? Us room parents have to stick together, right?!

8 thoughts on “and what do you have that’s Christmasy?

  1. Alice S says:

    Eeek. I can’t wait to see tiny versions of the book dolls and animals. I’m making the storybook doll soon and will HAVE to make some pjs too.

  2. Lorna says:

    When I was room mom for my son, we made “strawberry” ornaments. We painted walnuts (in the shell)with red glitter paint, glued on light yellow seed beads (for seeds), glued on a ribbon loop at the top and covered that with a green felt leaf cutout. They turned out really cute!

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