Our pumpkins, a 21 lb'er and two pie pumpkins that will never become pies.

our pumpkins, 21lb'er and 2 pie

Thanks for playing along with my list of obstacles. A lot of yours were scary flashbacks for me, morning sickness. Ah! I'm glad to be on this side of that. So, with renewed focus and vigor, I am attacking my list. This weekend we got our pumpkins and our 200 pumpkin patch photos. Check. And I figured out one of the kids' Halloween costumes, super gross ghoul costume from Party City for Oscar. I almost had him in a pretty cute homemade mummy costume but you know what derailed me, where to find a white/cream sweatsuit/long underewar, anything to be the base of the costume. After visiting 5 stores and looking online, forget it. Costume in a bag for the boy. And he's pleased as punch. Now if I can just get Phoebe to stick to one idea. So far the front runners are pink mummy or pink pumpkin. Oh dear.

6 thoughts on “pumpkins

  1. Heather C says:

    What is it about finding basic clothing as costume bases? That was the hardest part last year and this year! Aargh! Enjoy the costume in a bag-you know he will! 🙂

  2. Anne says:

    My daughter is going as a mummy this year! I’m using an old white turtleneck she already had (and never wore) and a pair of white fleece pants from Old Navy ($7) for the base. (I’m in MN, which is coooold right now so fleece seemed like a good idea, even though it’s not skin-tight.) Going to tea dye the clothes and the fabric I’ll use for the strips so it will all match! In theory, anyway. We’ll see how it goes.

  3. brooke says:

    Our local Target has long underwear for kids for like $6. We used it as the base for my daughter’s costume last year, it’s even slightly cream colored, which would be perfect for a mummy.

  4. Hillary Lang says:

    that’s what I was looking for. our target doesn’t have it for girls or boys yet. only mens. and oscar totally balked at idea of wearing “underwear” in public. phoebe’s pink mummy went together so easily. I’m sad I couldn’t get it to work for oscar too.

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