let’s make a list of obstacles to getting things done today

1. can't find a clean surface near an outlet to plug in light board

2. can't find a decent pencil with a decent eraser

3. rain headache

4. impending preschool pick up

5. don't have my new iphone yet so don't have siri here to do my work

6. bangs are in my face

7. no good snacks

you? go!

37 thoughts on “let’s make a list of obstacles to getting things done today

  1. laura says:

    Same as Cathy H – pesky day job getting in the way of crafty life. Sheesh! Well, that combined with the lack of clear surfaces anywhere and every sit-down-able surface being covered in cat hair. Yawn!

  2. kirstencan says:

    mp3 players isn’t charged – no good tunes!
    the house is already trashed, why make it worse?
    things scheduled with JUST not enough time between them.
    the sun is out.
    and I echo: no good snacks!

  3. Wanett says:

    1. To engrossed in my reading to do school work
    2. To tired after spontaneous late night talk with hubby to concentrate beyond reading my current book anyway
    3. Must use next surge of energy to feed and bathe my children
    4. Too many good snacks

  4. Katie says:

    1. My two year old just broke 2 of my favorite bowls while “helping” me unload the dishwasher while I was upstairs making his bed. To sum up, my bad mood has evaporated my motivation….On the plus side I am thankful for my rambunctious , healthy, adorable two year old. They’re just bowls. They can be replaced, he cannot.
    2. Thanks, needed to write that.
    3. Hope your day becomes cheerful and productive. I’m off to make sure mine ends that way :).

  5. Bria says:

    1. My sister-in-law came over this evening (we’re in England, she’s visiting from Shetland, Scotland)
    2. I have 2 projects going and I don’t know which one to work on
    3. I joined pinterest today! – enough said!

  6. Bria says:

    Katie – I hope your day gets better. You’re right, they’re just dishes…but still, how frustrating. (I also have a two year old. I know what you’re going through!!)

  7. Molly says:

    1. pinterest
    2. cramps
    3. my daughter had a MINOR surgery yesterday, but the stress of that has rendered me EXHAUSTED
    Can’t really complain. But I do. 🙂

  8. LizA says:

    12 week old infant in the house that can’t decide between eat-sleep-suck-wet/poop. It’s a viscious cycle that sucks the very cells from my brains.
    It might be OK if I’d given birth to her, but she isn’t mine. I make $2.25 p/hr so her parents can earn the Big Bucks. Good things she’s a ray of sunshine! It makes up for not being able to get the “scent” of wet cloth diapers out of my nose for 2 days.

  9. Liz says:

    1. Sick 3 year old keeps coughing on baby.
    2. Baby must be held or is unhappy.
    3. Any free time with both my arms is used for going to the bathroom or showering (all rare).
    4. I have managed to eat a bar of chocolate with crying baby in my arms, though!

  10. Caren Adams says:

    1. 9 month old is teething (hasn’t taken a nap).
    2. “reorganized” sewing area to keep out the 2 yr old (I can see the floor, but everything is piled up on top of my work surface).
    3. Still thinking about what to do next. Can’t figure out where to start. (maybe I should start with clearing off my work surface!).

  11. Marisa says:

    1) phone doesn’t want to upgrade to current IOS
    2) blogger won’t keep my spaces inside blog posts
    3) bangs also in face (just realized that was really what was bothering me, after reading your cute post)

  12. BlueJCottage says:

    1. Was up too late last night
    2. Working 2 jobs (and having to go to job #1, then to job #2 and returning to #1…)
    3. Ditto on the rain headache
    4. Thread tension wasn’t playing nice…
    5. Too many projects, no idea where to start!
    Make it a great day!

  13. sher says:

    1. Bills on table in pile – unpaid
    2. House is a mess. I could use an organizer for my house – oh yeah, I am an organizer, oops!
    3. Blog lesson to complete with 200 consultants waiting for it!
    4. My headaches the past two days are from the rain? Who knew.
    5. Too wet to hang laundry outside – ugh, way too many days with rain this year, laundry in mountains.
    6. Pinterest is FILLED with awesome things to make but no time to make them.
    Thank goodness pre-school pickups are no longer in my life and my two remaining highschoolers drove themselves to school today. Since there is no car here, I guess that means I don’t have to grocery shop.
    It’s Friday – what will be for dinner?
    I feel your pain – everyones pains, but when I read them, including my own, there is an element of funny to them that makes me smile and then makes me want to jump on my to do list right now!
    Happy Day to you all!

  14. nikki says:

    I love this post!
    1.The trail of laundry to my work room is formidable.
    2. No clean coffee mugs to start the day.
    3. And most importantly, I can’t find one of my 7 pairs of scissors to cut my yarn.

  15. Mags says:

    1. 2.5 year old twin boys
    I could think of many other reasons but all roads lead back to those two ;), including no access to sewing machine as its in hiding from them. Its for its own safety.

  16. Alison says:

    1. Sink full of dirty dishes
    2. Internet full of interesting blogs
    3. Frustration over crocheting & undoing the same 5 rows of a tiny little owl wing with a size 9 hook. Wishing I could skip the learning process & go straight to the doing

  17. sarah says:

    1) sewing machine is stuck ALL THE WAY DOWN in the basement on my sewing table.
    2) I’d have to fight play mobile to get to said sewing machine (and a table and couch)
    3) I’d have to clean off the kitchen table to set up said sewing machine after fighting through play mobile to get to machine in corner of basement on my sewing table
    4) Floor needs sweeping, carpet needs vacuuming…
    5) don’t have enough time after reading everyone else’s awesome ideas on their blogs!

  18. Laurel says:

    1. Pinterest. Enough said.
    2. Children who should be sleeping are instead banging on the walls.
    3. Husband coming home shortly, needs feeding.
    4. I really should fix that hole in the bathroom wall before I sew anything else, but I’m not sure really how to tackle that. (Unfortunately I can’t sew it shut!)
    5. I just drank a huge glass of HOT tea (it’s somewhat cold outside…) and will have to pee in about 2 minutes.
    6. No Christmas Carols in the sewing room 🙁
    7. Inevitably I will begin said project, discover that I am missing some essential ingredient and become frustrated because JoAnns is already closed.
    8. Shouldn’t I iron that pile of wrinkled shirts first? It’s taking over the room.
    9. Ok, now I have to pee….
    10. Browsing through your old blog posts is WAY more interesting than what I’m currently sewing.
    Tag, you’re it.

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