8 thoughts on “ghost pops

  1. Sarah says:

    We just did this yesterday at the library. Stiffy brand stiffener is thin and dries faster than Aleene’s. I have a two hour program, but lots of kids were already decorating before the end of the first hour. And we glued on google eyes instead of the felt ones, because that kind of cutting is really fiddly for kids. I did have the ghosts drying by a fan, which helped. It also helps to fold the cheese cloth in fourths to dunk it and then to squigee it out with your fingers over the bowl of stiffener before you unfold and drape it. The problem with most stiffeners is that they are too thick and coat too thickly. You just need a thin coat to make it work!

  2. Hillary Lang says:

    We used Stiffy too. We tried some totally squigee’d out and we tried painting it on with paint brush so it wouldn’t be so saturated. still not barely dry at 2 hour mark. we were able to pop balloon and it seemed sorta ghost like but definitely not hardened or fully dry.

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