just decisions about fabric

See, I'm a bad blogger. I don't even make sense half the time! Sorry for confusion, I'm not making any big career type decisions. Just trying to decide how much floral is too much, what colors I like together, things like that. 

Thanks for the sweet comments! I'd skype you all if I could. But wait, isn't that like talking on the phone? I hate talking on the phone. Another reason I'm lucky I don't have a real job! 

Ok, here are some pins to change the topic off my indecisiveness. Have a great weekend!





8 thoughts on “just decisions about fabric

  1. amanda says:

    oh! good thing to know it was just about fabric! I thought you were going to stop blogging!!!
    anyways, please make that farm animals pattern available to the public, pretty please…

  2. amanda says:

    i LOVE the jacket and the apple tray _ fab! there is a fabric I have seen similar in NYC at B and J fabrics.. but im sure any boutique sewing shop might have it! .

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