Dear Photograph and a bunch of questions

I love this site, Dear Photograph, so much. I'm trying to think up a really good one.

I don't link to stuff much. I would do it more but I always get confused. (Tim's going to kill me because I sound like such an old lady.) But do I save their image, link to their image, I need to figure out reblog. I get so frustrated when I see something I like and I click 10 "via" links to get to the real source. Does that bug anyone else? Like this amazing macrame by Sally England. I saw it somewhere and clickity clicked for a good long while before I got to the original. Made me mad but I can't really say why. Cause I'm cranky like that. Anyway. 

Sort of on topic, do I need a tumblr? a pininterest? I feel like I do but then is it just another thing I won't keep up. Like my twitter. Oh! actually maybe I should just be twittering this question…

Does anyone remember any cute diy gingerbread man ornaments from this past Christmas? I know I saw something cute like that and am trying to remember where.

22 thoughts on “Dear Photograph and a bunch of questions

  1. Jacqui says:

    Yeah, I think Pinterest would solve a lot of those problems for you. I was a bit unsure about it to start with but it’s turned out to be a lot more handy than I expected, especially now I have some good collections of ideas on my boards. I find myself coming back to them for reference and inspiration over and over again. Fair warning though, people don’t always use the most direct link to the original source, so you won’t completely escape that bugbear!

  2. Mandy says:

    Definitely need pinterest! I just started and it’s fantastic. Even if you just use it to help organize your thoughts. Super easy to “pin” from any site you like and then put it in a folder that makes sense to you. It’s just a great visual tool that I think you will use more than you realize. Plus, it’s not like Twitter where you post something or feel like you need to post something.

  3. Skooks says:

    Pinterest, as others have said, is super easy. And not something you need to “keep up” with. Just pin as needed. I have followers on there, but I’d do it even if no one was following along. Just helpful for referencing stuff for myself later. 🙂

  4. Trina says:

    I recently stumbled upon dear photographs and adored the idea. I understand your frustration, my husband was so happy when I started blogging earlier this year because I don’t do a lot of electronic based actions. I would say interest is a nice way to go. You are not using it for other people but for yourself and it can be organized.

  5. molly says:

    that link in the first comment is the gingerbread man that came to mind. i am afraid i would like twitter and pinterest too much–i don’t need another online obsession/time suck!

  6. Donnell says:

    Pinterest for sure. It would help with remembering where you’ve seen a really good gingerbread man pattern. At least that’s how I use it. That way I don’t have to remember what my cryptic bookmarks mean when I go back to them.

  7. Shannon says:

    Dear Photograph is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.
    I use Pinterest to keep my to-do and want-to do’s all together.
    I hate clicking, clicking, clicking, too.
    And that macrame is beautiful. My parents had a bunch of plant hangers when I was growing up and those reminded me of them. Thanks!

  8. Nicole says:

    I was just complaining the other day about how many “via” links I was having to click in certain places. I think my max was five clicks to get to the original post. The original poster can’t appreciate that either!

  9. van says:

    i was gonna say the half eaten gingerbread coz its so hilarious. as for those questions, i recently blogged about it too, between our crafts, kids, facebooks, blogs and flickrs, somewhere along the line twittering died and who knows what happened to myspace. pinterest seems like an awesome way to get (even more) lost on the wonders of the web ( and every once in a while, share a link, i promisse it wont hurt, i get confused too. great thing blogspot has an easy link input. have a great weekend!

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