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I’ve blogged many times about my love for tea collection’s clothing. Both their girls and boys clothing are so unbearably cute. I shop their sales for one or two things a year, mostly for Phoebe and I always love them so much. Right into the heirloom box after they outgrow them. So imagine how excited I was when they emailed me asking if I’d like some free clothes to review on my blog. Um, yes!! 


This dress is Phoebe’s new favorite. (my fav, she wore on the 4th) She’s been wearing it all week. It’s one of their new arrivals, part of the Destination: Catalonia collection. I love their global design influences. I lost my marbles for the pojagi inspired dresses they had a few years ago and the Hungarian collection from last Fall felt like it was designed specifically for me. My mom got Phoebe a top and dress from that collection’s sale for her birthday. I’m saving dress for her back-to-school dress. It should make the end of Summer less painful. Maybe.

Lots of cute stuff for boys too. I have to admit most of the clothing budget goes to Phoebe so I was so happy to pick out a couple things for Oscar. This and his Jaws shirt are seeing a lot of action this year. Year of the shark. Luckily for me there aren’t too many bug shirts out there! 


I now have the two best outfitted bug collectors in the western suburbs!


15 thoughts on “tea collection

  1. Marcy says:

    We’re eagerly awaiting a package to arrive from Tea. They had an excellent dress sale a couple weeks back. Turned out to be about $17 each! If you watch for sales, they are really quite reasonable, and the quality is well worth it. Definitely my daughter’s favorite clothes!

  2. Grace says:

    Tea is our new favorite, having completely eclipsed Hanna on our radar. My girls each have several dresses this summer and my little guy has a couple shirts.

  3. amy k. says:

    we love tea as well. we get sadie several pieces each year and then they make great hand-me-downs. so far, they have held up great. I do wish they came bigger (and in my size, too!)

  4. Kristin says:

    My mom surprised us with that same red dress for Frances’ 2nd birthday. So cute. Pics here.
    Now you need to get Phoebe a giant red balloon!
    I second the older kid sizes-my oldest, almost 8, wears them and I love them. There is an adorable gray dress for fall with pink and green embroidery at the bottom and matching gray sweater dress. My mom loves tea, so we score cute birthday dresses and others occasionally!

  5. Rosa M says:

    I was searching for the dress in the Catalonia collection (Costa Brava) but it is in the new collection Jardin Azul a take on modern Mexico.

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