book club stitchettes giveaway

Happy Monday folks. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I read two books (one technically a kids book) and started my cross stitch so I'm feeling accomplished. Although my house is a disaster. This is the key to finishing a book I realized, no cleaning.

Ok, today a giveaway. I picked up floss at the store when I was matching colors to the ones I used when stitching the Book Club Stitchettes and realized I don't really need another set … More

this plus that: life’s little equations

I was ordering math books on amazon (sorry Oscar) and noticed Jen Corace had a few new books I hadn’t seen before so I of course had to get them. I got Little Oink (so cute!) and holy moly, my new most favorite childrens book ever… This Plus That: Life’s Little Equations by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Jen Corace. Have you seen this book?!

the cutest concept ever + the most gorgeous illustrations = perfect!!


how adorable are … More

tea collection

I’ve blogged many times about my love for tea collection’s clothing. Both their girls and boys clothing are so unbearably cute. I shop their sales for one or two things a year, mostly for Phoebe and I always love them so much. Right into the heirloom box after they outgrow them. So imagine how excited I was when they emailed me asking if I’d like some free clothes to review on my blog. Um, yes!! 


This dress is Phoebe’s new favorite. … More

see ya sea holly

This is our sea holly’s last summer in the Lang garden. I love it and it really took off and did well in our garden. But it’s too unwieldy and very spikey and really it’s just running amouk. We’re going to transplant it to our friend Cathy’s garden where we can visit it whenever we want. I’m going to make lots of pokey bouquets out of it this last year.

sea holly arrangementMore