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What is this, Winter? Nope, it's 100 degrees. Same diff.

Oh, not really. I still have ptsd from our last winter. I'll take instant-sunburn, barfing-hot, spots in front of your eyes bright sunshine any day.

44 thoughts on “legos, art projects, cross stitch, cookbooks

  1. Kim says:

    Yeah the weather is a bit crazy this summer. We are in Toronto and right now with the humidex its 118! The A/C went on today thats for sure.
    OMG Fashion Plates!!!! Oh that prairie skirt was one of my faves. I loved my Fashion Plates.
    Would be interested to hear your thoughts on the cookbooks. I am a meat eater who is slowly moving towards veggie/vegan.

  2. amy (mamascout) says:

    i loved fashion plates! a few months ago i spent alot of time on ebay searching for a reasonably priced set for my daughter (no luck). my brother had (and still has) a monster making set from the same time period.

  3. kirstencan says:

    my mom kept ALL our toys. boxes of barbie junk, all the cabbage patch kids, etc. but WHERE are my fashion plates??! she has no idea. bummer. I even had the blue set of extra plates. LOVED that toy.

  4. Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life says:

    I also had that set as a kid. For the older and/or patient kid, you should check out the Fairy Design kit from Hearthsong. We got it for my middle daughter last year. You trace the individual components to design your fairy. It has a lot more options, but does require tracing (not as easy as rubbing)

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Veganomicon is hands-down the absolute best vegetarian cookbook. I love it and use it all the time! It’s inspired me to eat far more vegan meals. I have tons of vegetarian and vegan cookbooks and this is by far the best of all of them. The author also wrote “Appetite for Reduction” which is also a great vegan cookbook but has more low-fat recipes. I love them both. 🙂
    I also used to play with Fashion Plates at my friend’s house when we were little!

  6. LeahR says:

    The memories of fashion plates…
    Awesome cookbook choices. I have all of them and love them. The Kind Diet is such a labor of love and everything from Isa is awesome. I have not had a recipe not turn out well. I am a vegan chef and baker. If you ever want to chat about it or have any questions, please email me. It is near and dear to me.

  7. carol says:

    let’s make plans NOW. we will be totally visitor free after Aug. 3rd…gearing up for another of one of Nathan’s siblings, then his parents…why did I marry into such a huge family?

  8. visty says:

    I have ptsd from last summer here in Oregon. And we’re getting another one. We all wear hoodies almost every day. I am ready to book a ticket to The Middle of the Midwest right this minute.

  9. Bree says:

    I love those fashion plates! What a great find, or did your Mom keep yours? Lucky girl. My favorite plate as a kid was the roller skates with knee socks.

  10. Ms. Smoochy says:

    Shoo, not me girl. You can keep this heat. At least when it’s cold there is knitting and hot coco. This summer is stifling. Trapped indoors and still miserably hot. Not, to be a Negative Nancy or anything. 😉

  11. patricia says:

    Fashion Plates…that was my absolute favorite way to spend hours! Thank you for bringing back such wonderful memories for me…and some definite plate envy.

  12. Heather C says:

    I cannot believe how hot it is up your way! I am practically in Georgia and it is hot, but merely hot July. Weather is so weird!
    I _loved_ my neighbor’s fashion plates. And wow, how expensive on ebay! I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled at the thrift store…

  13. Leah says:

    I just introduced my 6.5 year old daughter to my old set of Fashion Plates (thank you Mama for saving them!) and she loves them. I never knew there was an extra set of plates as one commenter mentioned. I used to spend hours with them. There was even a folder of my designs in the box with the plates – trip down memory lane!

  14. Stephanie says:

    Cross-Stitch (I have the same pattern as well, but with the silk thread) and fashion plates – a girl’s dream come true:))

  15. Ceri says:

    WHAHH! I had the fashion plates (but here in the UK they were called Girl’s World Fashion Designer, but essentially EXACTLY the same toy). My mother kept all my toys (thank goodness) and now my six year old daughter has just as much fun with those designs as I did. Good toys are timeless. Forget the DS.

  16. Lori says:

    I step up to the mic and lament with the masses- WHERE ARE MY FASHION PLATES FROM WHEN I WAS A KID?!?!?!
    My guess is that eBay has had a few more hits on that item than usual.
    Thanks for the flashback. I gotta go try to outbid someone.

  17. lisa says:

    Oh fashion plates!! I used to spend hours playing with those when I was a kid.
    What is nice is my mother actually kept them from when I was a kid, and now my daughter uses them.

  18. Audra says:

    So envious that you saved your Fashion Plates. I had the original set and the blue refill pack, but I naively got rid of them as a teen thinking that I would never want to play with them again.

  19. kate says:

    FASHION PLATES! Oh my goodness, that was one of my most favorite things ever. I am calling my mom now and demanding she find mine in our attic.

  20. rebecca says:

    Oh y god! Fashion Plates!! I had those as a kid. They were at my Granny’s house and I remember them very well. 🙂
    I finally made a hand sewn turtle this weekend. I’ve had the pattern card since you first previewed them ages ago. Love him!

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