Now available: Wee Wonderfuls Cottage Industry Licenses

photo by Jen Gotch

Dolls to make for fun and profit! That’s the title (with my exclamation point) of Edith Flack Ackley’s 1938 book on doll making. I’ve always loved that. I hum that to myself while I’m working on my projects, making toys for fun and profit. Of course I came to the conclusion long ago, after many attempts that petered out, that sewing toys to sell wasn’t for me and that’s how I ended up in the pattern design business. Still I dream of a shop filled to the brim with my dolls, and I’m not giving up, but in the meantime I thought I’d give you all a chance to do it yourselves. We’ve had so many requests for a program like this and I’d be embarrassed to admit how long we’ve been planning to this. Thanks to those of you who I told this was in the works and have been waiting patiently! We’re happy to finally be offering Wee Wonderfuls Cottage Industry Licenses.

Click through for the long of it, the short of it is – if you’re a home sewer, entrepreneurial type you can now use any Wee Wonderfuls sewing pattern available (including patterns in the book!) to make toys to stock your etsy shop or your booth at the local craft fair or farmers market, etc etc. And we’ll help promote your cute creations on the Wee Wonderfuls site. And that the licenses are *on sale* now until June 15th to kick things off!


10 thoughts on “Now available: Wee Wonderfuls Cottage Industry Licenses

  1. Dawn Nelson says:

    What an excellent idea! Wish you well with it!
    If I had more time I would definitely take you up on it! However, I don’t and I can’t (at the moment).
    Dawn x
    PS love your toy designs, they are fab

  2. Mia Zucca says:

    It’s so great that you know so clearly what works for you/your family, etc. I think I would have done the very same thing. Wishing you and your licenses so much success!!!!!

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