Wee Wonderfuls Licensing

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We are happy to now be offering home sewers licenses to make toys from our Wee Wonderfuls patterns to sell at craft fairs, online, on etsy, to your friends, etc. This includes… 

  • All patterns from the book Wee Wonderfuls, 24 Toys to Sew and Love, 2010
  • Kit, Chloe & Louise
  • Olive and Archie and the Make-a-long Gang accessories
  • Kitty, Bunny & Bear
  • Spaceboy and Robot
  • Big Footed Bunny
  • Fleecy Monkey
  • Patterncards: Butterfly, Bird, Turtle, Snail, Bunny
  • Elise and Elsa Elf
  • All freebie patterns

New patterns may be added to this list in the future. Patterns added to this list above will be automatically licensed to anyone with a current active license. 

As a licensee you’ll be able to take advantage of the established Wee Wonderfuls brand. This should, hopefully, help you sell your toys! We will provide you with professionally printed hang tags identifying you as an official Wee Wonderfuls licensee. Your toys will be official members of the Wee Wonderfuls world of cute! A link to your shop information will be placed on the Wee Wonderfuls toys page. I’d also like to feature a current available toy on the sidebar of the front page of the site and on the Wee Wonderfuls Facebook page. 

The price is $125 for an annual license. With this license you can make and sell as many toys as you’d like (Sewing patterns are purchased separately from the Wee Wonderfuls store). Download the license application below, fill it out and scan/email or mail back to me.

Please email me any questions you might have.

Download the License Application (.pdf, 45KB)
Right-click to save to your desktop. Print, sign, and scan/email or mail back.

Purchase now, start any time within 90 days

One Year License, $125.00