first project of the Summer

Thanks to everyone who has bought a license so far. This is so fun for me. I've already seen some super cute toys and I can't wait to show them to you guys!

What else is new? Phoebe is FOUR! And just as cute as four can be. Here she is with her favorite present, a ukelele. So she can have a luau she says.

The only other new development around here is being on first week of Summer break. I don't really know what to say about Summer so far. Our weather has been crappy. Just like almost our whole Spring has been. It is quite an adjustment for Oscar after his first year of all day school. Day by day it's getting better but I'm exhausted. Our main occupation has been animal observance so far – butterfly house, zoo, tadpoles at the marsh, fish at the pet store. 

On the craft project scene, I was finally able to find a match for the fabric I used for the book club stitchettes. I've been halfass looking for months now and just found the right shade of ivory this week. Of course after stitching up this trial block I realized it has a satin finish. Can you tell it's shiny? I'm hoping I can just go with it. I'm itching to get this quilt made up finally. 

(oh, and someone asked about the floss colors. I'll take this to the store and match them up and post the DMC #s soon)


6 thoughts on “first project of the Summer

  1. Sheila says:

    I can’t tell that the fabric is shiny in the picture. Isn’t it funny how finding something as simple as the just right ivory fabric can be hard.
    Your embroideries are lovely like all of your work!

  2. Sarah B says:

    Perhaps we should get the girls and their ukelele’s together. Libby got one for Christmas this year. Of course it is the princess pink one. I can believe our girls are 4. They grow up so fast. Happy Birthday Ms. Phoebe! Love those June babies.

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