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I have a new favorite show, Secrets from a Stylist with Emily Henderson. Have you seen it? I didn't catch the Design Star show that picked her but I'm so glad they did. I love her! She's funny, cute as a button and her work is so good. Tim and I both love it and dangit if it isn't the fastest 30 min show we watch. I could watch hours of her shopping at flea markets and mulling over furniture. I want to move to LA and be her intern.


And her blog is fantastic. All the behind the scenes info. Tim and I were shouting at the tv about how much we love this chair and here she talks all about it. I'm crushing pretty hard on all the furniture. Her sofa finds are amazing! I love having more info than just the whittled down edited bits that make the show. (And HGTV, btw, I can remember what happened before a commercial break. You don't need to make half the content of the show, recap) I could watch hours and hours of this show.


Emily's blog is full of clever tips, great insights and lots and lots of stuff I want. I can't wait to go back and read through all her archives. Also, bonus… as an ex-mormon, she speaks to this interesting blogland trend which I've wondered about.

And just in case you needed further confirmation that Emily knows where it's at, she loves Ban-do! We're of course huge Jen Gotch fans over here and forever indebted to her for taking the beautiful photographs for our book.

Oh, and she just did Joy's house! I didn't know that was her when I was watching. Love that wallpaper!

16 thoughts on “Emily Henderson

  1. hillary says:

    I know, isn’t she great? I want to be her friend, or employee, or something! I love every room she has done. I watched her on the original competition show and wasn’t that impressed, but I think that’s because they didn’t give her the right materials/time to work. Her pilot BLEW MY MIND and her show has not disappointed.

  2. anonymous says:

    thank you! i have been wondering why so many design blogs are written by mormons. . . i was starting to think maybe the lds church had hijacked my search engine. to each her own, but it was very curious.

  3. jess says:

    I love Emily too! I rooted for her on Design Star, and I haven’t been up to date with her new show.
    Thanks for reminding me of her awesomeness!

  4. jennifer w. says:

    We are good friends with the Muzios (the loft episode), and I can confirm that the space is just as amazing in person as on tv! Was sooo glad when Emily won Design Star – her style is so perfect!

  5. Rebecca (The Reluctant Floridian) says:

    I am a fan as well. What I love is that all of the spaces end up so differently but I still always feel like, “Oooh, pretty!” (Also, these are probably the only rooms on HGTV that I wouldn’t mind having for my own.)
    My husband is not normally one for domestic programming, but he’s watched a few of them with me and is totally into it. I think the whole combining styles thing speaks well to both sexes.
    Lastly, I love her clothes!

  6. Seanna Lea says:

    I never would have noticed that a lot of design blogs were written by people of certain backgrounds. It’s just the type of thing that I’m oblivious too.
    Of course, if you are from Maine, then I can spot that in a heart beat. I guess it is all on what you are used to or exposed to.

  7. amy h says:

    I love this show, too! I was wondering if that was Joy Joy when I was watching that episode. All the artwork tipped me off. And I totally wondered about the whole Morman thing, too. :) I’ll have to start reading her blog — she’s too cute.

  8. Claire says:

    Oh mannnn! We only just got that design star here in oz and I refrained from finding out who won only to check your blog…. I never thought I’d find a spoiler here! On the upside she has been my favorite from the first day! So yippee! Can’t wait till we get her show here!

  9. Steph says:

    The way that she always says BOOM (she pronounces it Buh-oum!) drives me absolutely crazy! Her design is cute but she’s gotta lose the Boom.

  10. Lee says:

    This show is sooooooo boring. The most unwatchable show on HGTV. She comes across as a pretentious snob. Not a fan.

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